Welcome to the Re-Energise Virtual Wellness Event Recordings

Life After Lockdown : how to reflect, reset and re-energise
Life coach and founder of Big Talk for Mums Lucy Higgins talks about the importance of taking time to reflect and re-set as part of figuring out the life you really want.

Reflexology to re-energise and nourish your body
Reflexology practitioner Jenny Sumner shares how reflexology can help re-energise and nourish your body. Jenny also shows you some hand reflexology points so you can do a little bit of reflexology at home.

How to dress with confidence and ease
Fashion stylist Margarita Salomo-Barrios shares her top tips on how to dress with confidence and ease.

Create the foundations for good energy 
Energy coach and founder of Energise with Emily Emily Turnbull talks about the foundations for creating and maintaining good energy.

Nail Your Nutrition the Positive Way
Registered nutritional therapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, PCOS and weight loss expert Hannah Alderson shares how you can nail your nutrition the positive way with principles from her Positive Method Programme TM.

Perimenopause and Pelvic Health
Specialist women’s health physiotherapist Becky Aston talks about the importance of pelvic health and the actions we can take to look after our pelvic health, particularly during peri-menopause. 

How to align the energy in your home with how you want to feel
Conscious home designer Emily Smith talks about the connection between the energy in your home and the way you feel and some tips for how you can create your own sacred space in your home.