Get Fitter and Stronger with Emily

I’ve worked with dozens of women helping them become fitter, stronger and more energised. Clients choose to train with me because they want a personal trainer who specialises in women’s fitness, and who is supportive, friendly and professional.

Fun and challenging…

“I can always tell that I’ve had a good workout the next day (and often the day after that!), which I love. Emily has an amazingly positive attitude and makes the sessions fun as well as challenging.” – Lynnsey, 42

What you can expect when training with me….

To begin with, we’ll work together to figure out what your goals are. You’ll complete a 3 day food diary and some other questionnaires so that I can better understand what you want to achieve and what your particular challenges are (such as sugar cravings, low motivation, injuries or lack of time, to name a few).

I’ll then create your exercise and nutrition plan, which will be completely unique to you since you are wonderfully unique! You’ll do workouts with me (either in person or via Skype) which will build your strength and muscle tone, improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your core.

Questions you may have

What will I be doing at my PT sessions?

You’ll work hard, but I will never “beast” you and you’ll enjoy a lovely stretch sequence at the end of each session. Your session will be tailored to you using appropriate equipment and techniques. You’ll leave your session feeling energised and ready to conquer your day!

Do I need to do anything in between my PT sessions?

You will need to be committed to doing some work in between our sessions. I will give you the tools you need to eat healthily and to start exercising regularly, but you will need to put them into practice.I will support you and cheer you on, because I want you to succeed and I know you can succeed!

How on earth can I fit this all in? I'm so busy!!

I realise that it can be hard to make time for exercise and healthy eating, but I’ll show you how you can fit it into your hectic life, with careful planning and prioritising.

Where will I be doing my training sessions?

You can train with me at my tranquil private studio in rural Hertfordshire which has indoor and outdoor training options. For clients further afield, training sessions can be done from the convenience of your own home, thanks to the wonders of Skype.


55 minute personal training session £50 or 10 sessions normally for £449.00

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Bags more energy

“I feel physically and mentally stronger, with bags more energy since starting Emily’s PT sessions”. Alex, 45

Medical disclaimer: if you have concerns that your lack of energy may be due to a medical condition please get checked by your GP. If you know you have an underlying medical condition, please consult your GP before starting any new fitness or nutrition programme.

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