Get Stronger with Emily

I’ve worked with dozens of women helping them become fitter, stronger and more energised. Clients choose to train with me because they want a personal trainer who specialises in women’s strength, and who is supportive, friendly and professional.

Fun and challenging

“I can always tell that I’ve had a good workout the next day (and often the day after that!), which I love. Emily has an amazingly positive attitude and makes the sessions fun as well as challenging.” – Lynnsey

I feel more energised

“I needed a PT to help me prioritise my physical health. I‘d had a very busy year and as it turns out, Emily was the inspirational wing woman with all the knowledge necessary to get me right back on track. Emily designs a different workout each week which keeps me interested and excited to push myself. Mentally I feel more energised and have a much healthier balance than when I started.” – Lucy

I’m much stronger

“I have been training with Emily for 9 months now, with the main aim of gaining some strength and definition. It’s definitely worked! I’m fitter and so much stronger, not to mention the positive effect her sessions have had on my mental health.” – Claire

I love training with Emily

“I’ve seen a huge improvement in my strength, stamina, and flexibility. Her guidance around nutrition and general lifestyle advice is invaluable too. No session is ever the same and there is NO time to get bored – she even manages to make exercise FUN! (Who knew?!)” – Hannah

Bags more energy

“I feel physically and mentally stronger, with bags more energy since starting Emily’s PT sessions”. Alex, 45

Emily Turnbull Energy Coaching

Questions you may have

What will I be doing at my PT sessions?

You’ll be working on building your strength using a variety of exercises involving weights and free weights. Each session is tailored to you, wherever you are in your strength journey. You’ll work hard, but I’ll never “beast you” and you’ll enjoy a lovely stretch and cool down at the end.

I've never used weights before! How do I know weight training is for me?

Weight training is a fantastic way to build overall strength and lose body fat. Technique is incredibly important when training with weights. I will ensure you use the correct techniques to make sure you get the most benefit from your workouts and to avoid injury.

Do I need to do anything in between my PT sessions?

You will need to be committed to doing some work in between our sessions. I will give you the tools you need to start exercising regularly, but you will need to put them into practice. I will support you and cheer you on, because I want you to succeed and I know you can succeed!

How on earth can I fit this all in? I'm so busy!!

I realise that it can be hard to make time for exercise and healthy eating, but I’ll show you how you can fit it into your hectic life, with careful planning and prioritising.

Where will I be doing my training sessions?

I train my clients in a beautiful private studio at my home in rural Hertfordshire which has indoor and outdoor training options.

Do you travel to clients' homes?

If you are lucky enough to have a home gym and live in Berkhamsted or Tring, I’m happy to come to you. Unfortunately, I can’t bring much equipment with me so you will need a fairly well-equipped gym. 

I'm pregnant or post-natal. Can I train with you?

Provided you’ve got clearance from your GP or midwife to exercise, you can train with me. I am qualified in pre and post natal fitness and I have worked with a number of pre and post natal clients.

What Covid-19 measures are you taking?

The safety of my clients is of utmost importance to me. I’ve introduced a range of measures to ensure that all clients can train safely.

I am double vaccinated and will be testing twice weekly.

All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each session.

I am happy to wear a mask during the session if you prefer. However, I don’t expect (nor recommend) you to wear a mask during your session. 

Before your session

If you feel unwell, if you have any Covid-like symptoms or you are required to isolate for any reason, please do not attend.

Please can you ensure that you have washed or sanitised hands before you start your session. I will have hand sanitiser available for you to use.


If you need to cancel or rearrange your session due to ill-health or isolation requirements, please try to give me as much notice as possible (minimum of 12 hours). If I am unwell or I need to isolate, I will contact you immediately to let you know.

Medical disclaimer: if you have concerns that your lack of energy may be due to a medical condition please get checked by your GP. If you know you have an underlying medical condition, please consult your GP before starting any new fitness or nutrition programme.