“If only I had more energy….”

Your energy is what gets you up and going in the morning. It’s what powers you through your work and home life.

Energy is what makes you feel on top of your life, instead of the other way round.

You know what it takes to have good energy – regular exercise, a good diet, enough sleep and proper relaxation. But it can feel so incredibly hard to fit it all in. And even harder to keep it up consistently.

Because life is just so busy.

A vicious circle, it can feel like you simply don’t have the time or motivation to do what it takes to have great energy. And of course, there’s the guilt about taking time to do things for yourself…

You’re not alone in feeling this way. It’s the burden of busy working women everywhere.

And if you can’t maintain a consistent exercise schedule or you find yourself grabbing chocolate at 4pm to help get you through the day, it’s not your fault.

Exercise, healthy eating, getting more sleep – all of these things have ended up on your massively long ‘to-do’ list, you simply don’t know how you can fit them in and it all just seems like hard work!

Do any of these resonate?

🙋🏽‍♀️ You feel like your life has become a hamster wheel of work, kids, running a house and a million bits of admin. It seems like every ounce of your energy is being used just keeping the hamster wheel going.
🙋🏽‍♀️ There are those awful days when you’ve got a big work deadline, you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed with everything you have to do, you’re irritable and impatient with your kids and partner. So you feel like you’re doing nothing well.
🙋🏽‍♀️ Taking time for self-care to avoid feeling stressed and overwhelmed feels a bit selfish, because everyone else needs looking after – and even if you could get over the guilt, you just don’t know how you can fit it in.
🙋🏽‍♀️ You know you should do more exercise to be fitter and stronger and for your mental health, but things come up (sick child, dog needing to go to the vet etc) which mean your exercise plans get thwarted.
🙋🏽‍♀️ You love the idea of eating healthy vegetable filled meals, but you end up grabbing ready meals, quick sandwich lunches or your kids’ leftovers more than you’d like.
🙋🏽‍♀️ Your day starts early and ends late, meaning your brain is constantly whirring. And when you do allow yourself time to relax, a social media scroll or Netflix session always wins over meditation or yoga.

If any of these make you nod your head, you’re in the right place.

I’m here to help you go from feeling BOGGED DOWN by your busy life to feeling like an ENERGISED YOU who powers through the day and still has energy left for the people and things you love.


✅ Enjoys healthy living, without it feeling hard
✅ Feels physically vibrant & strong
✅ Finds time for self-care (and doesn’t feel guilty about it)
✅ Has a more positive outlook on life
✅ Fits in the healthy living “shoulds” without feeling overwhelmed


Because when you have good energy, everything in your life becomes easier and more joyful. You work better because you’re more focused and productive. You’re a calmer and more relaxed mum and partner, because you’re taking care of yourself. You make healthy choices because it feels good.

You just need help unlocking the energy you need for the life you deserve.

That’s where I come in…

The Energised You 1 to 1 90 day programme is for working women who…
➤ Are fed up with feeling overwhelmed and exhausted
➤ Want to have more consistent energy and no more afternoon slump
➤ Want to feel less guilty about taking time for themselves
➤ Want to find ways to fit regular exercise and healthy eating into their lifestyles
➤ Want to put an end to the stop-start cycle of new diets and exercise programmes
➤ Want to feel like the 80/20 lifestyle is achievable and enjoyable

Over 90 days, I’ll work with you to unlock your energy by reframing the behaviours and beliefs that are holding you back, building rock-solid healthy habits and creating a self-care mindset.

Using my Energised Framework, together we’ll figure out what your Energised You vision and goals are, and create an Energy Plan for getting you there. I’ll teach you the secrets of building new habits (and breaking bad ones) for a healthier lifestyle. You’ll discover how to eliminate the energy sappers in your life and how to create an energised mindset. You’ll also get lots of practical advice to help you with your nutrition, exercise, relaxation, sleep and stress management – and how to fit this all into your busy life. As your personal coach, I’ll provide you with support, accountability and the biggest high fives for each of your wins.

At the end of our time together, you’ll have:

⚡️Mastered 3 new habits in one key lifestyle area (fitness, nutrition or stress management) so you feel healthier and more energised, without it feeling hard or unsustainable.
⚡️The skills and tools you need to expand your habit-building into other lifestyle areas so you feel confident about setting – and achieving – new goals.
⚡️Established self-care routines so you feel calmer and less overwhelmed.
⚡️A bespoke Energy Plan so you know exactly how to fit everything into your busy life and keep up your new healthy habits.

Instead of feeling drained and overwhelmed you’ll feel energised, alive and in control, able to live a healthier life without guilt or sacrifice.

When you have the habits, mindset and plan, it all comes together – you know what you need to do and how and when you’re going to do it. You take all the arguing with yourself out of the picture.

🧡 You feel more motivated to exercise, because you love how it makes you feel
🧡 You enjoy eating and preparing healthy, nutritious meals but still able to enjoy treats
🧡 You put an end to the stop-start cycle of diets and exercise programmes
🧡 You have self-care firmly established in your life so you feel calmer and less overwhelmed

You have the energy you need to live the life you want and deserve. Because you deserve to feel amazing every day!

I feel less lethargic and more positive…

“I feel as though I manage stress better. I am motivated to exercise and am enjoying eating nutritious healthy food. I loved following the programme with Emily, and I love how it has left me feeling”

The ENERGISED YOU 90 day programme in a nutshell:

  • Behaviour change coaching for sustainable mindset and behavioural change.
  • Lifestyle coaching for exercise, improved sleep, self care and stress management.
  • Habit formation coaching so you master 3 new habits in one key lifestyle area
  • Support, accountability and motivation to help you implement you new energised lifestyle and to keep you on track.

What’s included with the ENERGISED YOU 90 day programme:

  • 6 x 1 to 1 coaching sessions
  • Email and Voxer support between coaching sessions
  • Bespoke Energy Plan

PRICE: £1750*

*payment plans available