Elevate Your Energy Online Programme

Elevate (verb): 1. to raise or lift something up. 2. to make someone or something more important or to improve something

My Elevate Your Energy online programme will give you the tools and motivation you need to improve your fitness, strength and energy with easy-to-follow, energising workouts, recipes and meal plans.

This programme brings together Elevate Fitness and Elevate Nutrition into one super energising programme.

Elevate Fitness : at home workouts which get results

✓ 12 exclusive workout videos

✓ Train between 20-45 minutes

✓ Work out when and where it suits you

✓ Bonus stretch videos

✓ Exercise to Energise Ebook

“At the end of 4 weeks, I felt noticeably stronger and fitter”

I have used online workouts before but this was the first complete programme I have followed and I was surprised by how effective it was in such a short time. Each workout felt challenging but do-able, the exercises were varied, easy to follow and well-paced and at the end of each workout I felt energised rather than exhausted. Emily’s style is positive and motivating and she offers tips on technique and progressions throughout. At the end of 4 weeks, I felt noticeably fitter and stronger.” – Helen, mum of 3.

Elevate Nutrition : a simple yet delicious approach to nutrition

✓ 35 specially selected recipes from the Energise kitchen

✓ 4 weekly meal plans

✓ Energise Nutrition Ebook

✓ Bonus Energising Micronutrients download

Example plan for Elevate Fitness

Monday – Cardio and full body workout

Wednesday – Upper body and core workout

Friday – Cardio and lower body workout

Who this is suitable for:

✓ You want fun, effective video workouts that you can do at home

✓ You want to get fitter, leaner and stronger without having to spend a lot of money

✓ You’re short on time but you know how important exercise is

✓ You don’t have a lot of gym equipment or space to exercise in

✓ You want a progressive fitness programme designed by a women’s fitness professional

✓ You enjoy variety in your workouts

✓ You want to feel energised and glowing, rather than exhausted

✓ You want to eat healthy, energising food that doesn’t feel like a diet

Who this is not suitable for:

You are more than 12 weeks pregnant or less than 12 weeks postnatal

You have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart or respiratory problems, joint or back problems

If you have any health issues or concerns which affect or may affect your ability to exercise, you must consult a medical professional before starting.