My energy journey…

Juggling the demands of work, family and the never-ending list of life admin is hard and tiring. I know, I’m a mum with two young kids and a home and business to run. Let’s face it, when you’re tired, you don’t feel much like exercising or eating healthily. All you really want to do is collapse on the sofa and watch a box set on TV with a packet of biscuits or glass of wine (or maybe both).  If this is how you feel most days and you’re fed up with it, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

My own journey as a stressed-out lawyer, mum of two young boys and shock breast cancer diagnosis led me on a path of wanting to feel healthy, strong and energised every day. I know what it’s like to have masses of work stress and how draining that can be. I’ve had my fair share of nights with broken sleep when my boys were very young so I know what it’s like to emerge in the morning feeling barely able to switch my brain on. I also know what it’s like to face a major health challenge and the huge physical, emotional and mental toll that it takes.

What I discovered

throughout these experiences is that the choices I made about my diet and exercise had a direct effect on how I felt and how I coped.

On the days when I chose to prop myself up with caffeine and less than healthy food, my energy levels suffered (especially in the afternoon). I quite often felt a bit overwhelmed. I didn’t sleep well because I was feeling stressed and over-caffeinated. I was tired and wired, which can be a hard cycle to break.

But on the days when I made healthy food choices and went to the gym or for a run, I felt much more energised throughout the whole day and I coped much better.

My journey from lawyer to personal trainer and energy coach

In 2016, I left my legal career and qualified as a personal trainer specialising in women’s fitness and wellness. This was the perfect career move for me, combining my lifelong love of fitness and my desire to help other people become fit and healthy. I subsequently qualified as a certified nutritional therapist as I’ve always been passionate about good nutrition and I wanted to understand the science behind it. I have worked with dozens of women helping them become fitter and stronger and motivating them to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. Along the way, I discovered that what most busy, pulled-in-many directions women want, above all, is to feel more energised. Now I help women who feel like they’ve lost their energy and desperately want it back but they don’t know where to start.

If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Through my signature energy coaching programmes, I’ll help you understand why you feel low in energy and I’ll show you how to transform your energy levels in clear, practical and achievable steps. If you are specifically wanting to improve your fitness, strength and muscle tone, my personal training sessions are precisely tailored to your goals. You’ll feel motivated, challenged and energised – and you’ll have lots of fun in the process.

What clients are saying…

“I can’t recommend Emily highly enough. Booking some training sessions with her will be the best decision you ever make for your health and wellbeing.”

Sophie, 45

“I feel physically and mentally stronger, with bags more energy since starting Emily’s PT sessions.”

Alex, 45

“I can always tell that I’ve had a good workout the next day (and often the day after that!), which I love. Emily has an amazingly positive attitude and makes the sessions fun as well as challenging.”

Lynnsey, 42

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