6 Tips to Get Yourself IRL Ready

After months of being mostly indoor and confined to seeing people (other than members of your household or chance encounters at the supermarket) via a computer screen, we’re finally able to look forward to getting back to IRL interactions and gatherings. Of course, it’s what we all want and what we’ve been hanging out for over the past year.

But is there a little niggle that makes you feel like you’re not quite ready to face the IRL world? 

If lockdown has left you feeling a little bit blah, here are my top tips to get yourself ready and glowing for when we get back to a world without restrictions on social interactions. 

After you’ve made your hairdresser’s appointment, grab your pen and notebook and…

  1. Establish your baseline for change. Write down how you feel now in terms of your energy levels and your fitness, diet, sleep, stress and overall health. Try not to be critical of yourself. Instead, be as objective as you can. This is about establishing your baseline for change.
  2. Get clear on where you want to be. Think ahead to how you want to feel at the first big social event where you get to dress up, or a holiday or even your first day back at the office. What actions do you need to start taking to get you from where you are now to how you want to feel? Write them down too.
  3. Do an honest appraisal of your lockdown habits. While you’re in writing mode, have a good think about some of the less than helpful habits that have crept in over lockdown, such as midweek drinking, staying up late watching TV or  snacking more than usual. Again, this is not designed to make you feel bad about yourself. It’s about figuring the areas you’d like to work on in order to get you where you want to be.
  4. Start taking action now. You want to capitalise on the motivation you feel right now – so start putting things into action. Starting with small changes will feel more manageable and is more sustainable than making big drastic changes. Choose 1 or 2 little changes that you can make today, write them down and start doing them now. Then keep doing them tomorrow and the next day…
  5. Commit to doing one thing daily. Choose one action that you feel you can do every day to help shift you towards being IRL ready. Then you want to commit to it in whatever way works best for you. It might be writing it down in your journal, putting a reminder on your phone or coming up with a little weekly reward.
  6. Don’t rush back to busy bee mode.One of the positives about lockdown is that it made us all slow down. It can be tempting to start filling your diary with loads of social events or kids’ activities that involve you running around dropping off and picking up. Being a busy bee can put your body and mind into a stress state. That’s not the way you want to feel or be. Take this time of gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions as a gradual process of working out how you want your life to be. Enjoy the blank spaces in your diary. They are genuinely a gift

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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